Saturday, May 8, 2010

2010 update

As I'm sure everyone knows, we started 2010 out on quite a sour note. We will spare everyone the details, and the yucky pictures from Tom's hospital stay. I'm sure you have all heard and seen enough by now. Thankfully Tom is all healed up, and back to his normal self. Minus cigarettes. (YAY!!!!!!) The first two pictures are out of order. This first picture is from Tom's second hospital stay. Jamez and Amber sent us some yummy Honeybells from FL. Honeybell asks for pictures of people with their Honeybells, so here is Tom being a good sport! I bet Honeybell doesn't have any pictures like this.

This picture was taken the day Tom got home from his first hospital stay. As you can see, they didn't surgically remove the phone from Tom's ear. Claaaassssiiiccc Tom. (That's for you Jamez and Amber :) )
Another beautiful backyard sunset.
Early March Snow. It was perfect for building a snow man. He is organic! First camping trip of 2010. Hopefully it will not be the only one this year. We found a beautiful spot. MagPie is saying Heeeeey!
Love the ENO hammocks!!!
Family portrait....
A cool little spot we found. We also found some bear hair all the way in the back of this row! And lots of owl poop!
Bob and Tom! We went for a Sunday bus ride with Bob and Kamy and their daughter Leah. It was a ton of fun.
My Lilac bush is getting so big. Here is Harley smelling the lilacs with me. He is such a good boy.

Does anyone know what these things are? I have only found 3 on this tree. It's not a flower, and it's not all over the tree. I have never seen anything like it. They look like cotton balls with pink ink dripped on them.
aahhhhHere is Oscar....our new compost bin! I am soooo excited to have it.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it...stop snowing!

As I am sure everyone knows, we were hit hard by a snow storm on Friday. They tend to exagerate the amount, and even the fact that we will get snow around here, so we didn't rush to the store to buy all the bread and milk like everyone else in Western North Carolina. This is the time we should have actually listened though! Thankfully we had enough supplies in the house, and made it through just fine. We lost power for about 25 hours or so, and were without cable for 3 days. We just got it back about 2 hours ago! We made the best out of being stuck at the house with no power. The camping equipment, and the turkey fryer came in handy! Saturday morning consisted of coffee, and grilled cheese sandwiches over the turkey fryer!
Tom whipped us up some hillbilly sleds, as you will see below. Unfortunately those did not work well, but the neighbor kid had 2 sleds and he was more than happy to share with us! If you have ever been to our house, you know our driveway would be PERFECT for sledding. It did not dissappoint! Tom and I spent hours sledding down the driveway and laughing like little kids!
We built a quick snowman, but didn't spend much time on him and he remained faceless. The sleds just kept calling our names!
Oh, and of course the dogs loved the snow! Maggie always enjoys the snow, and I have been waiting to see what she would do in deep snow. Here are the pictures.....enjoy!
This first picture of Maggie was taken early Friday afternoon. Take note of the amount of snow on the table behind her.
Saturday Morning.

The classic Hillbilly sled! YeeeHaaawww!!!
Maggie must be looking for snow under the deck. Look how deep it is!
We thought we were going to lose this tree. It was leaning..obviously!
Maggie, licking her snow chops. She is a snow eating machine!
Look at the table now! The dogs were hilarious on the deck when they came out and saw how deep it was. Well, once they figured out how to get up there.
All that wood, and no where to burn it. A fire place sure would have come in handy this weekend!
"The biggest snowball ever"
There goes Tom!
My turn!
Maggie looks like she is jumping head first into the snow. Harely was loving it.
Look how deep it is! I just can't get over it. We have never seen this much snow here.
Awww, after sledding snuggle time. Harley is usualy not allowed on the furniture, but I made an exception. How can you resist his sweet little face?? :)
Poor Maggie. She wants to go out back everytime we go near that door. I keep opening the door to show her that the snow is still there. I can't even get the door open it is so deep back there. I thought this picture just summed it up. The snow was fun on Friday, Saturday, and even some of Sunday, but come on, melt already!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ah, the Fall.

Well last weekend consisted of taking Harley to the vet, and then watching him to make sure he did not chew this bandage off. Harley broke his nail, and it was cracked way up near his foot. It was so scary looking and nasty, the vet had to sedate him and cut it waaaayy back. (gross!) So here is Harley's bandage. We love our Vet's office! They drew that heart on Harley's bandage.

Harley wasn't very happy after waking up to find this club taped to his foot. Notice the lack of eye contact! I took several pictures, but he would not look at me :( I wasn't even the one who took him to the vet!

My pictures are out of order. Here is Maggie after our hike today. I thought it was funny that she was sleeping with her head on a bag of charcoal. Maggie loves BBQ!

Tom, Seth, and I took all 4 doggies hiking today. It was cloudy, but perfect for hiking. The leaves are just beautiful right now as well!

This is the best we could do at getting all 4 dogs in a picture. It's a circus! Lola, Bear Dog, Harley, and Maggie are BFFs!

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Moser Blog Returns to it's Original Format....Trees and Dogs

Ah, finally back to the original format. Obviously it's been too long since we have had any massive trees to clean up, so we had two big Oak trees taken down today.
Clearly, I am being sarcastic ;) Unfortunately these trees have died, so we had to take them down before they did any damage. This is not really our favorite past time.....despite what it may seem!
This tree was between the driveways.
View from the top of our driveway.

Tom with his trusty chainsaw.
Maggie and Harley supervising.
This was the tree closest to the house. We could see that there were several holes in it that would be perfect homes for the little squirrels that torment Maggie and Harley. We were right. I am sad to say that there was a casualty during the tree cutting today. I was not home to witness it, but Tom says that the squirrel was killed on impact....However, Tom did not realize there had been a casualty until he saw Maggie galloping around the yard, and tossing something furry into the air over and over again. This was the poor guy's comfy little home.

Double stick action.
Well, this picture makes him look tan-ish, but I swear this Wooly Worm was green! I can't remember how the saying goes, but I think the darker Wooly worms mean a bad winter. Is that right? Anyway, I would like to know what a green one means!
and is it "wooly", or "willy" worms??
OH, and I got a new Jeep!!!!!!!!

My new 08 Patriot. The tires are so muddy because it rained for 3/4 of the weekend, and had previously rained for weeks before that!

Here is an after picture. Tom and I (mostly Tom) removed the window vent shade thingys that were above the windows. It looks better without them, and they really block your view when they are on. It took hours to take that sticky stuff off! It was painstaking!

Tom installing my Sirius radio.

Our Jeep Family is complete. Well, almost...Tom wants a Wrangler!
We need a sign that says something about only Jeeps coming up on our hill!

Inside the back.
I love that it has this hard plastic floor.